Zach Miller Destined to the 2010 Pro Bowl

As most Raider fans know, Zach Miller has been the strong point of the team's passing game since he was drafted with the 38th pick of the 2007 draft.

He was originally a first-round selection, but had poor combine numbers. It's a wonder that the Raiders took him, since it is said that the combine is one of the most important things in being selected by the Raiders.

But Zach has been pretty successful.

In his rookie campaign, he had 44 receptions, 444 yards and three touchdowns.

Not bad for a rookie.

Since then, he has gotten better every year. In 2008, he had 56 receptions for 778 yards, but only one touchdown. Even though he had only one touchdown, he posted a career-best 13.9 yards per carry.

In 2009, he had 66 receptions for 805 yards, and three TDs. I believe he single-handedly beat the Eagles with the help of Louis Murphy's great blocking on his 86-yard touchdown reception.

Now the 2010 season is coming up. Zach is improving every year, and I do not expect that to change now.

With the addition of Jason Campbell and the increased productivity of his wide receivers, there will be less focus on him and more catches.

The new Raiders QB has quickly become a fan of tight end Zach Miller. On Wednesday, Campbell compared Miller to his former tight end in Washington, Chris Cooley.

"With Zach, everyone knows he's a supreme talent at tight end," Campbell said. "He's just like a Cooley. Cooley's a guy that helped us stretch the field in Washington because of his ability to make plays, and Zach has that same mentality." That's high-praise since Cooley was Campbell's best weapon with the Redskins.

Campbell is comparing Miller to a pro bowl tight end whose highest total for yards was 849 (which I believe Miller can top). The only thing Miller is lacking is touchdowns—which should come with our new QB and offensive coordinator. Expect ...

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