Yet ANOTHER Oakland Raiders Mock Draft, Rounds 1-4

Let the guessing game begin!

I have been reluctant to write a mock draft because there have been about a billion of them written in recent weeks; the Internet is flooded with them.

They all have one thing in common; they are speculative and are no better than a shot in the best.

I don't operate that way; I'd rather deal in absolutes.

What can we do with the talent we have? Why is this guy or that guy a good or bad signing? Questions like these are in my wheel-house as an old coach.

Trying to guess what Al Davis will or won't do is not what I'm good at, nor what excites me about writing.

What follows will be just another ridiculously, over-analyzed, over-criticized, blindfolded stab at what amounts to one outsider's subjective opinion about what will happen on April 22-24 in New York city...with one major exception; I don't actually believe I know what will happen!

I will be using my 37 years as a card carrying member of Raider Nation to attempt to predict what Al Davis will do and my thoughts as a former coach to decide if I think it's what's good for the team.

Sometimes, Al Davis will draft a guy that is good for the team, sometimes he won't. When he doesn't, I'll offer suggestions as to who I think would be a better fit and why.

So shake up your "Magic Eight Balls," wish upon a star, trust a politician, and keep believing that our government has your best interests at heart. Why not? All of these things have the same chance of being accurate as trying predict the NFL draft!


With the eighth overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft, the Oakland Raiders select...

Bruce Campbell-OT Maryland. 6'7"-310 pounds

This is the prototypical "Al Davis guy." A workout warrior, the fastest offensive tackle in the draft and looks good in shorts. However, there are some gaping holes in his game.

He strugg...

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