Yes, The Oakland Raiders Are Evil: Why Donald Rumsfeld Told No Lie

Note: This article will seek to traverse sticky questions of: good and evil, the fate of a nation and the soul, and the implications of religion in society. All of which will likely open Pandora's boxes. I will try however to keep this straightforward by focusing on questions and concepts.

When I read the story about former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld referring to the Oakland Raiders as, "evil," and that no one could support the Raiders.

I was unsure as to how I would respond, if at all. The story however evoked questions (to me) about the balance between protecting the fate of a nation, and the fate of the soul.

Before I continue, I've made a reputation of crossing the Yellow Line that separates the corporate media and the alternative media (the Internet). 

Lately, I've decided to change tones for personal reasons that I won't fully detail. I deleted 47 articles from Bleacher Report because of it. I believe it was necessary to discard those articles, which were experiments in pushing the boundaries. 

The articles were necessary for growth as a writer, yet, just as a plant is trimmed after it grows, so too did I need to discard parts of the process. I did however save copies of those articles and are available only by request. 

To add another caveat, the corporate media may have flaws, but that should not be interpreted to mean that everything the corporate media does is wrong or useless. 

And likewise for the alternative media.

I learn from the corporate media, which may sound like a pejorative, but I think it just is what it is.

I operate on the belief that I will never meet someone that I will agree with 100 percent of the time, and that no one will ever meet someone that they will agree with 100 percent of the time. 

But can't we all just agree to that?

As Sigmund Freud once contended, all analysis is m...

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