Yahoo’s Jason Cole Ranks Raiders’ O-Line As NFL’s Worst: Not So!

Enough is enough. How dare Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports say that the Oakland Raiders offensive line is the worst in the NFL. Has he looked at all of the videos and all of the data? I don't think so.

Cole decided on ranks yet his methodology for assigning a number to the O-line for the Raiders and other teams is not shown. Words, words, words, and few, if any, numbers which allow for comparisons and quantitative analysis.

When a writer compiles a lot of verbage without some references to the measures that are so meticulously recorded in the NFL, it makes many of us wonder about the veracity of the writer. Is it news or is it propaganda? It looks like propaganda to many of us who use words, symbols, graphs and numbers to establish the comparability of certain qualities of NFL football.

Here is an excerpt from a comment:

"As I posted yesterday, Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports is ranking all the NFL teams by position. I went back and looked at a couple of his previous rankings and saw that Cole ranks Oakland’s offensive line the worst in the NFL ."

Here is what Cole had to say:

"32. Oakland Raiders : Wow, this is bad. Mario Henderson and Cornell Green shouldn’t be the answers to: “Name the Raiders starting offensive tackles from 2009.” Yikes. It doesn’t get much better in the middle and the sad part is that the Raiders didn’t do much to upgrade the personnel this offseason. Say a prayer for Jason Campbell. He’s going to need it."

Let's just say that the gauntlet has been thrown down, and let the games begin in 2010.

The Oakland Raiders and the Raider Nation are fed up with the "verbal and written abuse of the Oakland Raiders." So, we are going to bring out the strong, brilliant, determined spirit on both the playing field and in our reporting and blogging of the dynamics of the games in 2010.

By the way, if you see Jas...

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