Would Donovan McNabb Make the Oakland Raiders Contenders?

Donovan McNabb is perhaps the most undervalued quarterback in NFL today. His services in Philadelphia are not appreciated, and it is sad to see such a great NFL quarterback face pointless scrutiny. 

If the fans in Philly don't want McNabb, I know plenty of Raiders fans who would welcome the QB like he were a king.

Remember Rich Gannon? 

Sure, he wasn't a flashy, mad-bomber or anything. But he got the job done. He had a certain swagger that seemed to bring out the best of his surrounding teammates. And despite getting on players' nerves every once and awhile, Gannon led a Raiders team that desperately needed a leader. 

Gannon's retirement, however, marked the end of competitive football in Oakland. 

And now, after seven straight seasons of terrible football, the Oakland Raiders are trying to pursue a player that could possibly transform their team into playoff contenders. 

Someone with a stronger arm than Gannon, but someone with equal determination and work ethic. 

If the Raiders were to acquire McNabb, they would boost their chances at capturing the AFC West in 2010 and securing a playoff spot.

McNabb, in his 11 seasons in the NFL, has thrown for 32,873 yards with 216 TDs and just 100 INTs. 

Last season, McNabb threw for 3,553 yards with 22 TDs and 10 INTs. His QB rating was 92.2, which was higher than JaMarcus Russell's 50.0. 

McNabb would bring to the Raiders a proven winner and a great role model for the younger players. And while there are other teams looking at McNabb, the Raiders in my mind, should pull out in front. 

The Raiders desperately need a guy like McNabb. If they want to reach the postseason in 2010, they'll need a leader who leads by example and isn't afraid of a little hard work. 

Guiding the Raiders would be a difficult task, but McNabb would live up to th...

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