Without a New Stadium, Will Raiders Stay in Oakland?

In 1960, the silver and black, then a member of the AFL, played their inaugural season across the bay in San Fransisco and shared Kezar Stadium with the 49ers. The 49ers would play their last game there in 1970.

The Raiders, meanwhile, moved on the next year to Candlestick Park. Candlestick Park was more famously known as the home to the 49ers, but in 1961, the park was used by the Raiders, sharing the field with the San Fransisco Giants.

The Raiders were on the move again in 1962. Moving across the bay to Oakland, the silver and black played out of Frank Youell Field from 1962-1965. By today's standards the field was small, only sitting 22,000 for football games, but this was where the Raiders set down roots in Oakland.

Those tentative roots grew deep, starting in 1966. That was the year the Raiders moved to the Oakland Coliseum. The silver and black would call Oakland Coliseum home for the next 15 years.

Al Davis announced his intentions to move the Raiders to Los Angeles in 1980. After several legal battles with the NFL, Al was granted permission from the league to move his team to L.A. in 1981.

After several failed attempts to get a new stadium in L.A., Al Davis and the Raiders would once again be on the move.

In 1995, Davis and the Raiders were lured back to Oakland with talks of renovations to the old stadium.

Fast Forward to now. This is where I get concerned as a Raider Fan—Al Davis doesn't seem to have much of a problem moving the team for a new stadium.

The idea of a shared stadium in Santa Clara with the Raiders and the 49ers does not seem likely to happen. Neither organization (or the team's fans) seem to think much of the idea.

So what happens now? If Al doesn't get his new stadium, does he leave for L.A. again? Or, maybe somewhere else?

I read that L.A. isn't really sol...

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