With JaMarcus Russell Done, Bust Watch Turns To Tim Tebow

In this cursory review, I will traverse through a series of topics that I believe to be facets of the success or failure of NFL quarterbacks in general, and JaMarcus Russell in particular.

Now that the Oakland Raiders have officially made JaMarcus Russell an all-time bust by releasing him, Denver's Tim Tebow is now on the clock of the "Bust Watch."

Remember that the Broncos traded three draft picks for Tebow; the most for one player in the NFL Draft since Ryan Leaf.

Meaning that, if Tebow turns into a bust, Tebow will be a shoo-in to surpass Leaf.  The heat is now on Tebow.

Here though I will discuss the similarities between Tebow and Russell, but in fact, I think Tebow is likely to succeed because fans support him unconditionally and that he has a coach that is willing to work with him.  And that, if Russell had the same situation, I think Russell would have succeeded.



Was Lane Kiffin a Prophet of Doom or Spewer of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies?

The Raiders traded nothing to acquire Russell with the first pick of the 2007 NFL Draft, unlike Denver did in 2010 to acquire Tebow . 

People like to joke about Al Davis calling JaMarcus Russell a "great player" after Mr. Davis fired coach Lane Kiffin for insubordination. 

The revisionists have attempted to make Kiffin into some kind of prophet for seeing something in Russell that Mr. Davis did not see. 

Yet, the case of Russell resembles some present issues with Tebow but also has some stark differences.  Tebow like Russell was a project to begin with. 

Tebow like Russell has—or had—plenty of raw talent that needed to be coached.  

Yet, many fans and pundits alike were quick to side with an inexperienced coach, Kiffin, with no experience has a head coach, either in college or the NFL.


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