Will The Raiders Turn The Channel On Tom Cable?

Will the raiders Turn the channel on Cable?

Well, right now would be the perfect time. With such a face-lift on the team, and having the best draft in over a decade, and 5 quarterbacks battling for the starting job, this is when it makes most sense to crown a new king.

You'd be hard pressed to see a Raiders fan who wouldn't prefer to see Bill Cowher ,Brian Billick or Marty Shottenheimer come to lead Oakland. With those guys looking for work, and an unproven Tom Cable at the helm! Will Al Davis change out just the crew , or the captain as well?

Did Cable prove himself as a coach in the NFL? well , not really. He has proven himself confrontational! However, he knows when and where to retort to confrontation. Sadly , all too often it is in a relationship against women. Or against the jaw of an assistant coach. Hardly the limelight any organization would want.

But he has yet to break the golden rule in Oakland, and thats what is currently keeping him afloat on the Raiders ark. That rule is "not to argue, butt heads or remotely disagree with Al Davis". Any coach with an opinion is out of there quicker than Heyward- Bey on a thirty yard slant route. Ask John Gruden or Art Shell.


Do you think Cable had anything to do with the brilliant draft the Raiders had, or even The acquisition of Jason Campbell? Fat chance! Everybody knows that all the decision making is done by Al Davis. If Al Davis picked a running back in every round Cable would sit there , smile and give a press conference in support.

But on the other hand, I don't think that " Just win Baby" fire has burned out yet in Al Davis' heart. He's thinking differently now, clearer, and more strategically, and he knows his time is running out to hoist another Lombardi " his life's obsession"!

Deep down I really don't Believe that Davis sees Cable as the man to make that happen. The only thing certain i...

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