Will the Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers Share a New Stadium?

It came as a surprise to hear on Wednesday that San Francisco 49er fans had indeed voted in favor of a new 64,000 seat stadium to be built. 

For years, the famous words of "Candlestick Park" were always associated with San Francisco football, and it had become hard to imagine the 49ers away from their beloved home and placed firmly in a new billion dollar stadium in Santa Clara.

However, before Mike Singletary and Alex Smith can get too cozy with the idea of a new and improved home ground, it seems they may have some unexpected visitors who the 49ers are all too familiar with.

Yes, the San Francisco's newly planned luxurious stadium is also set to become the new, partially shared home ground of the Oakland Raiders. 

It is a move that has some fans scratching their heads, considering that the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum is more than a fitting home for the black hole and their assortment of rowdy fans.

But like everything in life, sooner or later, some form of change will occur.

So is this the type of change that would benefit the NFL as a whole? Or will it simply add a little bit more spice to the well-detailed yet seemingly dead rivalries of California football?

Well, according to San Francisco 49ers team president Jed York, this move is one that both parties feel quite strongly about.

“First of all, we called out in our term sheet that this could be a two team building and on this surface it makes a lot of sense what the Jets and Giants did,” York said. “We haven’t had these detailed conversations with the Raiders. Mr. (Al) Davis and Amy (Trask) are working on a few facilities in Oakland and I know that is their primary focus."

Therefore, a serious question must be asked: Will this act as a replica of what the New York Jets and New York Giants were able to create?

Firstly, these two teams are very differe...

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