Will The Oakland Raiders Release JaMarcus Russell?

When the Oakland Raiders drafted JaMarcus Russell with the first overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, they envisioned this huge young man to be taking snaps for them for at least the next decade.

He may have taken his last snap with them in 2009.

The Raiders just acquired veteran starter Jason Campbell from the Washington Redskins in a trade, and Campbell has a very good chance at being named the starter for the 2010 season. He is coming off his best season as a pro, despite playing behind a horrible offensive line. The Raiders also have a below average offensive line, so Campbell should adjust nicely.

Russell will make over $9 million if the Raiders decide to keep him, and this is not a fiscally sound move. Oakland is expected to ask Russell to take a pay cut, and many think that he will decline the request. If he does, Oakland will be almost forced to release him.

He hasn't helped himself any in the weeks leading up to the draft. Russell showed up late to scheduled workout sessions, and weighed near 300 lbs upon arrival. Not a good sign from a guy expected to lead the offense. He also has caught the ire of many teammates, who see him as lazy, selfish, and immature.

Campbell now enters his his sixth different offensive system in the last eight years he has played football, an unheard of journey. He has shown an innate ability to learn quickly, so Oakland can almost rely on him to understand their scheme when training camp starts. He also works hard, something the team needs from their quarterbacks.

With journeyman Bruce Gradkowski having endeared himself to Raiders Nation in 2009 with his grit, Russell may have suddenly found himself a third string player on the depth chart. Most NFL teams these days carry just two quarterbacks through an entire season.

While Russell may have the strongest arm in the league, he has not shown the same strength in his will and determination. He has sho...

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