Will JaMarcus Russell Ever Get Signed After Recent Arrest?

JaMarcus Russell was going to have a tough time getting any team to buy into his potential before today. Now I'm having a very tough time believing that any team will sign him.

Russell was arrested on July 5 for possession of codeine syrup, often referred to as "purple drank."  This addicting concoction is very popular down south, and many high profile people have been reported as drinking it—people such as Lil' Wayne and Johnny Jolly.

Codeine is on a list of banned substances by the NFL, so this could result in a suspension.  That being said, it's not the biggest worry for Russell.

This recent arrest is just another example of Russell's immaturity, lack of respect, and lack of appreciation for playing in the NFL.

Aside from that, he is one of the worst QBs in the league. 

Last year, Russell posted a disgustingly low 50 QB rating and a 48.8 completion percentage.  He turned the ball over 17 times last year while only throwing three touchdowns. 

I don't see why any team would want a player with that much baggage unless they truly believe that he can change.

JaMarcus Russell may be the biggest draft bust in NFL history and it's not because his talent was overestimated or because he was hampered by injuries. Rather, it's because he made no effort to be an NFL QB. 

I don't see any teams looking at Russell this summer, with most saying to themselves that this is certainly not the kind of player they want on their team.

Of course, injuries happen and we don't know what every team's QB situation will be going into the 2010 season.

But I just don't see JaMarcus Russell being a part of any of them.

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