Will Al Davis Make 2010 the Oakland Raiders’ Year of Change?

A better question is: Is nearly a decade of suffering enough for the man that calls the shots to finally admit that his way is not working and that change needs to happen in order for greatness to return to this once powerful and feared franchise?

I mean, in all reality, how much time does he really have left? Does he want to go out with his team competing or depleting? Time will tell, and for all those that are sure this is impossible, it's not.

The reason? Timing. It's everything.

The fact that a young man just across the Bay, successful at his craft, a fan of Al Davis and vice versa, has recently taken a leave of absence just before the 2010 NFL Draft is not coincidence in my opinion. The change needed is around that corner.

Not his son; not anyone in-house that will make the same mistakes. Not someone that will cower at every word from Al, but a strong-willed, bright football mind that is outspoken and successful. He is also, if reports are true, a man that will not only disagree with Al but may also be given more authority than anyone ever has in the history of the team.

Ladies and gentlemen of Raider Nation, I present to you Scot McCloughan.

The history of the relationship goes back far, and it goes deep. McCloughan's dad Kent was a cornerback for the Raiders. To this day he remains on the payroll as a Raiders scout. The loyalty is there. Al is big on loyalty. McCloughan also has a brother Dave who worked for the Raiders.

If, and this is a big if, a conversation took place where Scot was told that he could become the GM for the Raiders, I don't believe that would be enough to sway him over from across the Bay.

Now if Al told him that he would have control to call his shots, albeit with Al's blessing on certain issues, I do believe that's a good enough reason to come back to the dark side—back where his brother worked, his dad stil...

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