Why Will Jason Campbell Succeed In Oakland?

The former Washington Redskins Quarterback Jason Campbell has not had the best career.  By no means has he had the worst either.  His supporting cast in Washington was not that great, and constantly changing systems and having people in your city talk about wanting you out makes it hard for a player to get confident and preform up to their potential.  

Campbell getting traded to Oakland is the best for both teams.  Oakland finally gets an established Quarterback, and Washington finally gets what they wanted, Jason Campbell gone.  

Campbell has a lot of upside compared to some other quarterbacks.  First off, he has gotten better every single season he has played.  

Lets start with his stats from 2006, in which Campbell started seven games for the Redskins.  His Quarterback Rating was the lowest of his career at 76.5 (which is still better than Russell has had).  He completed 53.1 percent of his passes and threw for 10 touchdowns, along with six interceptions.  For the first time as a starter, these numbers are not too bad.  Since then he has gotten better in every single category.  

Last season Jason Campbell started 16 games as the Redskins Quarterback.  In those games he completed 64.5 percent of his passes for 3,618 yards.  Campbell also threw for 20 touchdowns and had a Quarterback Rating of 86.4.  

These numbers may not be the best, but it also needs to be looked at the supporting cast Campbell had in Washington.  Portis got injured, his best offensive weapon Chris Cooley goes out against the Eagles and what about Moss?  Teams just keyed off on him and lets face it, who else were they really going to go after?

In Oakland, Campbell may not have the best supporting cast, but he does have some promising young players.  At WR there is the Raiders 2009 first round pick DHB.  Now as a Raider fan I was ve...

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