Why the Raiders Will Regret Not Drafting Matt Barkley

Neither Matt Barkley nor Tyler Wilson are can't-miss prospects. Both have physical limitations, and it's possible that neither will be the long-term solution for their respective teams at quarterback. 

But the Raiders missed an opportunity to bring in immediate competition for Matt Flynn by failing to land Barkley in the 2013 NFL draft. 

According to Len Pasquarelli of the National Football Post, the Raiders actually preferred Barkley to Wilson and were prepared to select him with their fourth-round pick. 

According to a report by Steve Corkran of the ContraCostaTimes.com, Raiders head coach Dennis Allen stated earlier this offseason that Flynn is his starter "until the competition dictates otherwise," and there has been no indication, thus far, that Wilson has closed the gap. 

Both Wilson and Barkley are limited in terms of their long-term upside due to their physical abilities, but Barkley is the more polished of the two quarterbacks at this stage of the process. As a result, if the Raiders wanted someone to push Flynn for the starting job, Barkley would have been the guy to target. 

Barkley's lack of downfield accuracy severely limits his ability to succeed in most NFL offenses, but he can be successful in the right system. 

A quick-strike offense would play to Barkley's strength and allow him to find immediate success, even if his long-term development may be limited. 

The play below demonstrates Barkley's ability to quickly and accurately get rid of the football with pressure closing in on him.

During the play, Barkley maintains his composure, and his footwork and mechanics remain steady, allowing him to deliver a quick strike. 

Wilson, however, lacks Barkley's fundamentals, and when pressure closes in on him, his bad habits lead to mistakes. 

Even without pressure, Wilson tends to use a long...

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