Why the Raiders Are One Year Away from Playoff Contention

The Oakland Raiders' 2015 offseason moves have put them in a great position to make a playoff push in 2016.

I know...I know, Raiders fans are tired of hearing the phrase “next year” for what seems to be a sport's eternity, but this year really paves the way for the following season. Rome wasn't built in a day, and one offseason of good fortune rarely brings a team from the basement to the top of the division. 

In fact, the Raiders have scored big in two consecutive offseasons, snagging a promising young quarterback, a polished dynamic weapon for their QB, a potential perennial defensive centerpiece and a proven head coach. Those are four ingredients for a playoff contender.

General manager Reggie McKenzie has brought in a shopping cart of valuable groceries, and now the recipe has to be seasoned and left overnight. By 2016, the Raiders will be cooking.


6-Win Season Ahead

Before we get into the distant future, what should we expect from the 2015 season? Six wins. Yes, another sub .500 season with some struggles. But think in terms of baby steps—walking before you run, and running before you're scoring touchdowns in January.

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler has the right idea here:

Before wrecking your TV set in response to another losing season, remember where the Raiders are coming from in recent history: three consecutive seasons of four wins or less.

Six wins with a young, electric offense is a step in the right direction. Patience is a virtue; allow the offense to click before we can say they're already clicking on all cylinders.


Another Year, Another Offense to Install

Keep in mind, Derek Carr will have to learn a whole new offense—his second in two years.

This particular offense under new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave should be ...

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