Why the Oakland Raiders Will End a 13-Game Losing Streak Against the Chargers

After 13 straight losses to the San Diego Chargers, the Oakland Raiders must end the run Sunday. At present the Silver and Black are trailing the AFC West with one win. In fact the KC Chiefs are a surprisingly undefeated. But the Oakland Raiders must begin dominating the AFC by defeating teams within its own division like the Chargers.

In the area of moral for the team, a win at home tomorrow would ride into next weeks game against the San Francisco 49ers who are in a slump. In fact at 3-3 the Raider would still be contenders.

The last time the Raiders played the Chargers at home was on a Monday Night game against the San Diego Chargers.The Raider defense played phenomenally until Darren Sproles broke out of the back field and ran in for the winning TD. It was a real heartbreaker for the Raiders.

At the time, JaMarcus Russell was QB and had a decent night throwing to Louis Murphy and Zach Miller. Enter Bruce "Almighty" Gradkowski tomorrow.

That was game 13. Now the Raiders have had four games to sharpen their skills. Particularly against the RUN. last week Michael Huff was burned at least three times by RB Adrian Foster.

If the Raiders are to be successful tomorrow, Michael Huff has to up his game. This means no more missed tackles and stay on your man! Either that or he goes because the team is definitely there. Oakland can no longer afford a weak link in its defense.

The Chargers represent a true nemesis in that they have been strong and consistent and controlling for the silver and black. That restraint has to end Sunday! The Oakland Raiders will have to stand even tougher tomorrow and the defense must must stop plays in their tracks. This is not impossible as they were one play away from victory. Seymour was there and needs to get on the Raider D.

So can the Raiders defeat the San Diego Chargers tomorrow at home field? The answer is a solid yes provided the defense holds up and pressures QB P...

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