Why the Oakland Raiders Should Trade for Brandon Marshall

Let me start by saying that I can imagine people will either love this idea, hate it passionately, or just wouldn't count on it, but I had to find out what people think.

The Denver Broncos have a predicament with their star receiver Brandon Marshall , who has stated that he wants out of Denver.  His rookie contract expires this year; however, if no CBA is signed, Marshall will be an RFA , while the Broncos can still opt to tag him.

Nevertheless, the decision to bench Marshall for the final game of the season—a game that had postseason implications—would suggest that the relationship is over and the Broncos will seek to trade him.

I started thinking about this.  As much as I like Louis Murphy and Chaz Schilens at receiver for the Oakland Raiders , Marshall would be a huge upgrade. 

And I took into account several things: Quarterback situation, Darrius Heyward -Bey, and the Raiders position in the 2010 Draft.

I also realize that the relationship between the Raiders and Broncos has long been icy at best, and that divisional rivals usually don't trade star players to each other.

That said, the Raiders have something to offer and could hypothetically offer to trade down with the Denver Broncos in the NFL Draft, which would put Denver in a better position to fill a big need at linebacker or defensive line, but the Raiders could also offer Heyward -Bey and a third round pick.

Before you immediately object, consider the impact that Marshall has had on quarterbacks.  In 2007, 2008, and 2009, Marshall topped 100 catches on the season with the likes of Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton.

Frankly, I think Marshall could make Ryan Leaf look good.  Well, perhaps that is too hyperbolic, but the point is Marshall clearly makes a quarterback look better.

That leads me to the Raiders' predicament.  That being most fans and critics would agree that JaMarcus Russell is not read...

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