Why the 2010 Oakland Raiders Could Win the AFC West Title

Since the beginning of football, it has been known that a team needs balance offensively and defensively to be a contender in the NFL. There has always been the saying that "defense wins games."

So how balanced are the Oakland Raiders in 2010?

Does Oakland have the necessary weapons to defeat the former AFC West champions, the San Diego Chargers? What games could the Raiders win this season? Can the Raiders regain the AFC West title after an eight-year slump?

Al Davis and Tom Cable have been working to build the Raiders so that they can return to greatness. In fact, when it comes to a team being balanced, the Oakland Raiders have surpassed the AFC West teams by drafting elite players such as Johnnie Lee Higgins, Robert Gallery (the so-called bust at one time), Zach Miller, Darren McFadden, Chaz Schilens, Michael Bush, Louis Murphy, Trevor Scott, and many more.

In fact, this team would have been balanced had JaMarcus Russell been the performer that many thought he would be. But that's the past, and now the Oakland Raiders have two QBs to complement the offense and the defense. There is balance in Oakland.

Offensively, the rookies such as Miller and Murphy have become solid players. It takes at least two years to get adjusted in the NFL, and these players have surpassed the mark and are more than likely Pro Bowl-bound this season. Many feel Higgins has lost a step, but I feel that this is untrue, and he should thrive with the new spirit that has taken over the Silver and Black.

Defensively, there was the drafting of Trevor Scott, Tyvon Branch, Thomas Howard, and Nnamdi Asomugha, the free-agent signings of Kamerion Wimbley and John Henderson, and the trade for Richard Seymour. The defensive line is made up of huge players that should contain the run.

It's been a few years of being in the dumps, but in the meantime, the Raiders' draft picks have been excellent choices. I still would have...

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