Why The 2010 Broncos Will Be Better Than The 2009 Broncos

Much of the media has seemingly determined that the Denver Broncos will do worse in 2010 than 2009.  

The primary reason for this seems to be that most "experts" believe that the Brandon Marshall trade will result in a substantial drop in offensive production.

Additionally, the loss of Mike Nolan as a coach makes many feel their defense will be less effective. 

Finally, it seems people believe that by drafting Tim Tebow, they somehow shot themselves in the foot.  

However, a closer look at what is happening in Dove Valley shows that the Broncos have most likely improved a little since last season. They will almost certainly win nine or 10 games.

To demonstrate this, let's look at each of the major parts of the team, how they have changed since last season, and what that likely means for the season.


Offensive Line

Injuries have depleted their O-line. While that is never good, it is only May. Their guys will be 100 percent by September.

Every Broncos fan spent at least one day this offseason hating basketball.

Ryan Clady, their standout left tackle—the most reliable guy on their whole team along with Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins—is down.

He might be back by Week 1, but even so, he will likely be rusty for the first several games. 

Ryan Harris, their standout right tackle, has yet to fully recover from toe surgery to repair injuries sustained during the 2009 season. Russ Hochstein, possibly their starting center, is also currently hobbling.

They drafted three promising and physically imposing offensive linemen, who may be starting faster than initially expected if their veterans don't heal fast.  

If their guys heal in time to be ready for Week 1, then their line should be among the best in the NFL with respe...

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