Why Terrelle Pryor Should Be the Oakland Raiders Starting Quarterback

Dennis Allen’s decision to go with Terrelle Pryor as the Raiders starting quarterback appears to be the worst-kept secret in the NFL, with Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle citing two league sources as confirming Pryor as the Week 1 starter.

It’s also a move that makes every bit of sense in the world, particularly for a team looking for any ray of hope it can find.

Pryor clearly outplayed Matt Flynn in the preseason. He engineered more scoring drives, put up better numbers and moved the offense in a way that Flynn couldn’t.

Granted, much of it came against backups while Flynn had to go against opposing teams’ starters. Yet it was clear, almost from the first preseason game, that Pryor brings a different vibe to the offense than his counterpart.

Critics will point out that Flynn is the more polished passer of the two, and there is truth to that. Yet Pryor possesses something that Flynn clearly does not, and that’s his game-breaking ability on the ground. Given how more and more teams around the NFL are incorporating the spread option into their offense, Pryor’s athleticism and speed can’t be overlooked.

He’s still very much a work in progress, but he’s the best (and only) choice the Raiders have at this point.



The Speed

Going all the way back to his childhood, Pryor’s best asset has been his ability to run fast with the ball. He ran for more than 4,000 yards in high school, then added another 2,100 while at Ohio State.

In the NFL, Pryor’s biggest weapon will once again be his speed.

Oakland’s offensive line struggled in pass protection during the preseason, which is part of the reason Flynn lost the starting job. The veteran backup couldn’t escape the pass rush from New Orleans and fared only slightly better the following ...

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