Why Jason Campbell Will Return Oakland Raiders to Legitimacy

Okay, so perhaps we in Raider Nation have merely had our hopes inflated this past weekend.

Merely because Al Davis did not take that mysterious player named "Mark Skywalker" that haunts my dreams each year around the draft.

In the dream, even Mel Kiper Jr. doesn't know who he is.

Or perhaps, 2010 will be the draft remembered as the weekend in which the Raiders finally returned from the NFL doldrums.

I dare to say that Jason Campbell was the best acquisition over the weekend and could be a steal remembered for years to come.

I say that because when you look at Campbell's numbers in Washington, the numbers are better than you might think. 

Even at 4-12 in 2009, the Skins lost quite a few games by less than three points.  Seven games were lost by three points or less and two by eight points or less.  Before that, Campbell led the Skins to records of 8-8 (2008) and 6-7 (2007).

In 2009, Campbell was without All-Pro tackle Chris Samuels and Pro Bowl halfback Clinton Portis for much of the season. 

Moreover, the defense didn't help much, ranking 18th overall in the league. On top of that, it became apparent early in 2009 that coach Jim Zorn would not last past the season and had been dis-empowered as coach. 

Furthermore, the Skins play in a division that is historically the toughest in the NFC and arguably the toughest in the National Football League.

The more I research, the more that Campbell looks like the complete opposite of JaMarcus Russell.  Campbell has had eight different offensive coordinators in 10 years (going back to college).  Yet, Campbell has improved his totals in touchdowns, passing yards, and completion percentage in each season and has never thrown more picks than touchdowns.

In Washington, Campbell's favorite targets were tight ends Chris Cooley and Fred Davis, while Santana Moss has b...

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