Why I’m Glad JaMarcus Russell Is Gone

Suddenly, seven years of futility is washed away with one player—and all it cost the Raiders was $40 million.

It's almost eerie how the Oakland Raiders organization transferred so many years of hate, anger and frustration onto one player, whom is now gone. But I get it. The Raiders have been redeemed. No more fat, lazy, black QB to blame.

Now the Raiders can concentrate on fixing their porous run defense, which has been perennially at the bottom of the league statistically. They can address the faulty O-Line, which has sabotaged many a quarterback over the past few seasons (see Collins, Brooks, etc.).

They also have an opportunity to institute a new playbook, which will consist of such simple plays as "crossing routes" and receiver screens to keep the defense honest and out of that zone Cable plays into. Who would have thought?

JaMarcus Russell is probably somewhere on a tropical Island drinking coladas and counting his dough while Raider Nation continues to take shots at him (as if he cared).

Rarely do Raider fans ever talk about the real issues with the team: like substandard coaching and discipline.

If the Raiders succeed in 2010 it will more than likely be attributed to the fact that JaMarcus is gone (despite the fact that they hired their first real coach in a decade in Hue Jackson). The Raiders still have some big question marks going into 2010, but at least the Russell blame game is over and now the Raider can focus on real issues.

That's why Im happy Russell is no longer in silver and black. Well, silver.

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