Why Donovan McNabb Would Mean More than Just Wins for the Oakland Raiders


Things have been different lately, as people keep asking about my Oakland Raiders.

Mainly they keep asking about Donovan McNabb.

I'm not really used to this. Being a Raider fan in an area that mainly supports the Colts, no one usually cares about my team, especially in the offseason.

Just the thought of the Raiders acquiring McNabb has created a buzz and for a change it's positive.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard "You know, Bill, you guys might be pretty good if you make the trade". This coming from the same people who tell me how bad we suck all season and how Al Davis and the organization are a joke!

Am I getting this reaction because they realize the Raiders have young playmakers on both sides of the ball? I seriously doubt it!

Are these folks just trying to give me a sense of hope? If you knew my crowd, you'd know that's not the case!

No, the reason is obvious. This is a quarterback driven league and who would recognize that fact any better than Colts fans?

The Colts whole "brilliant" organization is totally dependent on the arm and brain of Peyton Manning. Not only does he make them a winner on the field he makes them a winner in public perception.

In other words, get a great quarterback and suddenly you're a great organization.

If the Raiders had Manning, you'd be hearing more about Al Davis' late round steals instead of his first round busts. The same could be said of many other teams as well.

Donovan McNabb would mean more than wins for the Raiders.

It would change the way the team is judged by others. Oakland hasn't even made the deal yet and I'm hearing positive feedback instead of being bashed or ignored by others.

Imagine the vibe once he gets on the field for us and starts winning games? They'll still hate the Raiders, but at least they'll fear and respect them agai...

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