Why Donovan McNabb To The Raiders May Further Widen ‘The Black Hole’

It doesn't come as a surprise to me to hear that Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders are considering potential quarterback Donovan McNabb.  With the speculation already proving high a day into the so called "story," Oakland have greased up their very eager fingers in anticipation of signing the once Super Bowl-leading quarterback.

In his time with Philadelphia, Donovan McNabb experienced a wide range of emotions and feelings that could have easily put the most unstable of quarterbacks off.  From love, to hate, to a burn mark in his front lawn that has kept even the most talented of groundsmen at bay, Donovan McNabb was at times a marked man in Philadelphia.

If I were to compare McNabb to someone though, it would have to be Cosmo Kramer from the hit TV series Seinfeld.  Intelligent, witty, and lovable, but when his true colors shine you can't help but post the simple question of "Why the heck did he do that?"

Aside from TV though, McNabb is possibly seeking a new home.  Although head coach Andy Reid stated a month ago that McNabb was THE guy heading into 2010, it appears now that mixed emotions are being felt on both ends of the line.

More importantly, it is the temptation that is calling McNabb on.  From Syracuse, straight across the border to Philadelphia, in Eagle related terms, McNabb has yet to spread his wings in the NFL.  So you can't really blame him for wanting to add some spice to his controversial career.

But the Oakland Raiders?  Surely not, I just fail to believe it.  However if it did happen, what would the potential outcome be?


Reasons Why Donovan McNabb Should Sign

There are a few solid looking reasons why the Raiders should sign Donovan McNabb.  The first being that McNabb is a solid quarterback, especially in the regular season.  Although McNabb strives off of having top caliber receivers such as DeSea...

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