Why Donovan McNabb Needs To Go to the Oakland Raiders

It looks like Andy Reid has lost his battle to keep Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia for 2010 and beyond. This is evident because Philadelphia has dropped their asking price for McNabb from a first-round pick and a player (which they allegedly told Seattle) to only a second-rounder.

The big problem right now is that McNabb is refusing to agree to a contract extension after he is traded unless he goes to a contender. No one is going to give up a second-rounder for one year with a player. The problem is that most of the potential contenders have QBs already, and those who don't have no interest in McNabb (i.e. Carolina, Denver, San Francisco).

McNabb wants to go to Arizona, where he has an offseason home and will certainly live once he retires from football—plus they have a good line, defense, and a great group of WRs to throw to, headlined by Larry Fitzgerald.

The problem is that Arizona wants to eventually find out about Matt Leinart, in whom they've invested a ton of money and the No. 10 overall pick.

Now, the Eagles want to trade McNabb to the Rams in return for their 33rd overall pick in the draft . That isn't going to happen. McNabb isn't going to finish out his career being battered because of a bad offensive line and with no one to throw the football to. He won't sign a long term deal with the Rams, so the Rams won't give up what basically amounts to a No. 1 pick in this very deep draft to get a guy for one year on a horrible team.

There are other options, including Buffalo, who would give the Eagles a high second-round pick, and would get to respectability much faster than the Rams will. (The Bills might even bring Terrell Owens back to play with McNabb—and note that Owens and McNabb have patched things up.) Buffalo has a bad offensive line, but a couple of decent RBs (Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch, both of whom can also catch) but a bad line and not much at WR or TE.

But the...

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