Why Do We Still Care About JaMarcus Russell?

Recently, JaMarcus Russell was arrested and released on $2,500 bail for possession of a banned substance, codeine syrup, at his home in Mobile, Alabama. 

At first, this story interested me.  But after seeing the story in every sports media outlet for the last 48 hours, I no longer care about our (Raider Nation's) former QB.

JaMarcus Russell is no longer a Raider and I no longer care about him.  I'm still mad as hell that he made $39 million in three seasons. That amount of money is more than I will ever know in my life and I would like to think I work harder than him.

But after everything Russell has put me through as a die-hard Raiders fan for life, I am finally done thinking about him.

The Raiders are on the brink of possibly winning the AFC West in 2010.  They have a new QB, a new middle linebacker, and a new look offense. 

In other words, I have more things to think about than the arrest of the man I once idolized and now hate.  With training camp opening in 22 days from the day of this article (July 6), I am looking ahead and I hope you all will join me.

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