Why a Start for Kyle Boller Would Destroy the Oakland Raiders

On Monday September 12th, 2011 in Mile High, Jason Campbell needs to make it perfectly clear that the season hangs on the balance of his health to his offensive line. He needs to stress protection and he needs to make them see that if he goes down with injury, our season is done.

Now, before you blow the comment section up telling me I'm wrong, think about it. Pause. Take a chill-pill, drink some water and think about what I just wrote. Think about the effect that Kyle Boller would have on our first team offense. Think about how bad Kyle Boller is and how Jason Campbell is just as important to our offense as Darren McFadden is.

Do you understand my logic now?

Since 2003, Kyle Boller has been in the NFL spending majority of his career with the Baltimore Ravens. Needless to say, Boller's career has been bad. I'm talking more interceptions than touchdowns bad.

I will be the first to tell you that I judge a player not by just the stats, but by how I see them perform. As I find myself watching a lot of Baltimore games, I noticed from the start that Kyle Boller was in over his head with a starting quarterback job. When he went to St. Louis, he was just as terrible as he was in Baltimore, but when he came to Oakland?

I hung my head, I will admit.

First, I knew Campbell and Bruce would compete for the starting job, and the loser of that battle would be number two. I knew that Boller would be number three on the depth chart, but I would rather have Shane Lechler throwing passes than Kyle Boller with his knack to find the correct man.. in the wrong uniform.

I could sit here and list his horrible performances, but NFL.com can do that for you. If you believe in Kyle Boller then you are either a true fan of his days in Cal or his family because every Raider fan I know does not believe in Kyle Boller or his ability to do anything at all. Well, he can throw interceptions, as he proved last yea...

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