Who Should Sign Terrell Owens?

Terrell Owens is still unemployed.

In this economy, that wouldn't be such a shocking statement if it wasn't for the fact that Terrell Owens is arguably the greatest wide receiver of all time. (Yes, I said it!)

After spending a horrible year with the Buffalo Bills, where Terrell Owens grabbed five touchdowns to add to his career achievements, he wasn't re-signed and opted to leave to find greener pastures.

The problem is...there is no market for the 36-year-old receiver.

Cincinnati was interested, but they did not opt to sign him. Baltimore filled their receiver hole with Donte Stallworth and Anquan Boldin. Tampa Bay drafted Arrelious Benn in the second round.

So who should grab Owens?

Many are saying the Oakland Raiders.

T.O. is a great tutor for young receivers and the Raiders seemingly sign everyone , but it wouldn't be a good fit.

So where should he go? New England .

That's right, New England .

Wes Welker is out for an unknown amount of games, and Randy Moss, at this age, isn't going to be enough to take over games like he did in 2007.

They just signed Torry Holt, so they are interested in a veteran, however, after last season, I'm inclined to say that Holt should just retire (and get that awful looking finger fixed).

T.O. gives them a tough receiver who is strong enough to take the short passes and get more after the catch.

T.O. would also be on his best behavior as it would be his last chance for a ring in his Hall of Fame career. To me, Terrell Owens would be a great addition to the Patriots.

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