Which Quarterback Gives the Oakland Raiders the Best Chance to Win?

For four games Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor looked like the future at the position for the team. With his stupefying athleticism and improved passing, Pryor gave the Raider Nation some hope for the season and the future.

Unfortunately, Pryor’s development hit a brick wall against the Chiefs in Kansas City. Pryor was sacked a whopping 10 times and hasn’t seemed the same since. After three more poor passing performances, an injured knee forced Pryor to the bench in favor of undrafted rookie Matt McGloin.

McGloin will make his third start for the Raiders on Thanksgiving, but is the team making the right decision to go with him now that Pryor is relatively healthy? The Raiders obviously feel like McGloin gives them the best chance to win, but that doesn’t mean they are correct.

There is a lot that goes into playing the quarterback position. The Raiders aren’t basing their decision on the same factors as everyone else because they are the only ones who know how the two are doing in the meeting room—an important factor for quarterbacks.

Athletically, Pryor and McGloin are in totally different classes. Pryor is one of the better athletes you will ever see on the football field, while McGloin wasn’t even impressive enough to get drafted. Pryor has an obvious advantage, but he’s the one sitting on the bench.


A Production-Based Business

When announcing that McGloin would start last week, head coach Dennis Allen said football is a “production-based business." The implication was that McGloin’s performance against Houston was a big reason he got the start against the Tennessee Titans last week.

McGloin’s second performance wasn’t nearly as good as his three-touchdown performance in his first career start—at least not in the traditional statistical sense. Not only did the Rai...

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