What Would You Tell Oakland Raiders Rookies?

An Interview, An Alert

One young man about 23 years old said, "The flesh is weak." 

He sounded like a social worker or counselor to me. I asked him what he meant.

He explained that no matter how much my generation tries to teach and warn NFL rookies about some of the social woes that come along with the experiences of being a celebrity, the players may eventually meet with temptations that are too great to resist.

Sometimes those temptations arise during a young player's career with the Oakland Raiders. Sometimes they come during those transitional periods when the player is cut or traded.

I emphasized, "What about the price you pay for some of those mistakes?"

He gazed at me. Then he gestured, rubbing his arms, to demonstrate what he had said before, "The flesh."

The young man talked about the women who hang near the hotels and the locker rooms. He went on and on. He gave me so much detail that I began to believe that either he had tripped up from some great temptation or that he knew someone who had.

I listened attentively to this young man. After all, I had to be careful because I am so much older than this young man, and there can be generational gaps in understanding each other.

In fact, I have known of several NFL players who toppled down in their NFL careers because of social blunders or mishaps.

Those temptations include more than women. Drugs, and other vices beckon for these young, rich and talented men.

Does anyone have an answer? What would you tell an NFL rookie to help him build a career without it being tainted by social, or legal mishaps?

Since this is suppose to be the year of a breakthrough for the Oakland Raiders, what would you tell the Oakland Raiders to safeguard them from some of the woes of the celebrity of a professional athlete?

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