What to Watch for as Terrelle Pryor Aims to Unseat Carson Palmer

Terrelle Pryor displayed his potential for the Oakland Raiders during the 2012 preseason.

For as little as he impacted, we did catch a glimpse of what he brings to the table for Oakland. Not to mention, Carson Palmer will be 33 years old when the 2013 NFL season kicks off.

Given the Raiders' disappointing season, allowing Pryor to receive more snaps is a good idea. Combine the elements of going 4-10 to this point and the movement of dual-threat quarterbacks in pro football and Pryor's appeal will increase.

Obviously in no way has Pryor become established on the levels of Robert Griffin III, Cam Newton or Russell Wilson. Nevertheless, considering he's only 23 years old the potential to develop still remains.

As a result, let's break down Pryor's 2012 preseason game vs. the Detroit Lions.


Note: All screen-caps courtesy of NFL.com.


The Mobility Factor

This is undeniably Pryor's better aspect as a quarterback. Against the Lions he carried five times for 90 yards including this 59-yard run that set up a touchdown.

Right about the time Pryor takes the snap, Detroit sends a safety blitz that gets picked up. Here is the angle from the side and behind the Lions' defense.

Although the blitz does get accounted for, Detroit still out-mans Oakland at the line. So, one player will be unblocked. This is where Pryor's athleticism becomes an advantage.

What we see next is the edge player losing contain and the man coverage downfield not playing physical enough at the point of attack. The end result is Pryor getting to the outside with plenty of green in front.

The contain defender to the left doesn't have his shoulders square to the line of scrimmage and Pryor is able to dart around the edge.

Seeing nothing but green grass and the Oakland Athletics' infield, Pryor steals...

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