What the Fish Just Happened? Why the Raiders Were Routed by the Dolphins

It’s easy to blame the 34-14 debacle in Miami on the distraction caused by Rolando McClain’s legal troubles, but that would be a cop out. The Raiders were dominated in nearly every phase of the game by a Miami team I knew couldn’t be overlooked, and neither the offense nor the defense looked very good.

This loss is a tough one to swallow, because it puts the Raiders’ playoff hopes in jeopardy. For the last several years, the magic number to get into the postseason has been 10—if you manage to go 10-6, you almost always make the playoffs. Getting spanked by the ‘Fins puts the Raiders at 7-5, needing to win three of four to get to 10 wins.

With Green Bay, Detroit, Kansas City and San Diego left on the schedule, the Raiders will need to make major improvements to beat three of those foes, and when I say beat three of them, I mean the Lions, Chiefs and Chargers, because I will shave my head if the Raiders beat the Packers. If Matt Moore can torch the Raiders, what do you think Aaron Rodgers will do?

With the St. Tebow show continuing to roll with another fourth-quarter win, the Raiders now find themselves tied for first place in the AFC West with the Broncos, and Denver currently has the tiebreaker over Oakland.

You read that right: If the season ended today, the Denver Tebows would be going to the playoffs and the Raiders would be staying home for the playoffs—again. Life is a funny thing, huh?

How the hell did we get to this point? Read on and we’ll go over why the Raiders were flummoxed by the ‘Fins.


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