What Players Are Saying About Janikowsi’s Contract

When a kicker, who plays around 10 plays a game, makes more money than you do, you should be pissed. Not at Al Davis, but at yourself for allowing this to happen. Here's what Raider players (and others around the league) are saying about Janikowski's fat contract.

Kirk Morrison: Well, I think he should use the money to hire a personal trainer. Have you seen him run? Usain Bolt could seriously give him a 39 yard head start and still beat him.

Louis Murphy: Well, good for him. He's getting some major action with that dough. 

Bruce Gradkowski: Maybe he will give some of that to his brother Bruce...Fine! We're not brothers but at least we have the Kowski in common.

JaMarcus Russell: Good for Seabass. Nice to see that someone similar to me (in weight) is getting his fair share.

Nnamdi Asomugha: Well, I'm glad for him. But maybe he will get some Barbasol and shave off that thing he calls a beard.

Ricky Brown: I'm happy for him. He deserves it, you know. No one will do more charity–oh screw it! A kicker doesn't deserve that money. I'm not going to kid myself.

Nick Miller: (Reporters note: Weren't able to get his quote because we didn't have a pedestal with us).

Chad Ochocinco: I could do way better than him. Did you see my perfect form in the preseason? That ball was my b*tch. Everyone who doesn't think I'm a good kicker can kiss the baby, and put it to sleep. Yea, I added a line.

Adam Shefter: Really? I'm surprised because I reported that Janikowski was quitting the NFL to go play for Manchester United. 

Anyway those are sound bites from notables around the league. (All of those are fake, by the way).

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