What Does Al Davis Have Up His Sleeve Now for the Oakland Raiders?

Al Davis is currently under heavy criticism, while the Raiders organization and roster seem to be in total disarray.

The recent happenings within the Raiders organization have only raised further questions and complicated matters further.

Much to the dismay of many Raider fans, the Oakland Raiders are the only team in the NFL currently without a head coach and Al Davis seems to be taking his sweet time to resolve the situation.

Hue Jackson is the top candidate to replace former head coach Tom Cable, but Davis is in no hurry to make any such announcement.

Though Jackson is still under contract by the Oakland Raiders, he has said, "I want to be a head coach at some point and won't necessarily spurn any overtures from other teams."

Fortunately for the Oakland Raiders, there are no head coaching vacancies in the NFL, aside from Oakland that is.

So Jackson will not be receiving any offers from any other teams; that means he is not going anywhere.

Unfortunately for Jackson, though, Oakland is the only head coaching vacancy in the NFL and there may be other candidates.

For example, Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher have both stated they want to get back into coaching. As of right now, their only NFL option is the Oakland Raiders.

The same goes for any other NFL head coaching candidates: As of right now, Oakland is the only option.

For Davis, this is a win-win situation. The Raiders have Jackson waiting in the wings to become their next head coach, but if someone better comes along, the Raiders have the option to go that route as well.

Knowing Davis and the way the Raiders operate, I wouldn't be surprised if they waited until the last minute to announce a coaching decision. And while Davis is taking his time to announce his decision, I would expect Adam Schefter and the rest of the talking heads at ESPN to fabricate no less than&nb...

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