Weak Spots And Needs On The Oakland Raiders Offensive Line

After a dismal 5-11 record for the 2009 season,The Oakland Raiders have to now figure out how to strengthen the weak spots that have resulted in loses throughout the year. Some can be addressed in Free Agency and some through the draft,granted they can be a impact player. Much like other teams,The Oakland Raiders have had there share of injuries.Injuries are a major team killer and enough of them can send any coach packing,which is why it is good to have depth. I'm not going to predict who Al or Cable will draft,because the fact is,no one knows.Ask any "expert" and they could tell you the teams needs,but they will also have no clue as to who will be drafted based on all being fooled last year with the DHB and the Mike Mitchell picks. It is no surprise to anyone that Raiders need the most help on the offensive line. One big stat that has been sticking out to me throughout the 2009 season,is the one of the Raiders trying to convert 1st downs on 3rd downs. Out of 213 attempts,the Raiders only converted 63 for a 29.6%!Much of that had to do with the lack of blocking for both running and passing. I watched every game last year and this is a big problem that needs addressed. Now that Tom Cable has one less hat(Offensive Coordinator),he can spend more time improving these problems. First,You have to address the positions that have been weak and those positions for the Raiders have been as follows: Begin Slideshow


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