WARREN WELLS Says JaMarcus Russell Has a Strong Arm

A Tribute to Senior NFL Players for Black History Month 2010

Certainly a great wide receiver ought to know a good quarterback. Well, Warren Wells, former wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders and Detroit Lions, had his say on the potential of JaMarcus Russell. Wells was coached by John Rauch and John Madden.

Wells who resides in a Texas town was available for a taped interview on February 26, 2010 for a Black History edition of a Bleacher Report article.

Wells looked great. He still has the build of a professional athlete, both lean and muscular for his 67 years.

He walks straight and he thinks deeply about his future. Calm and contained, Wells gave a slight smile when he was presented with two books about the history of the Raiders. Wells is mentioned in both books.

Wells handled the book entitled, Football's Blackest Hole by Craig Parker. The other book he browsed through was The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly written by Steven Travers.

When asked about Jim Otto, he remembers him as a good man and as one of the team captains. Jim was "well-likable" by everybody on the team, says Wells.

What made you so good was a question to Wells.

He said he had good hands and he ran his routes right. "Yes, I loved to practice," said Wells.

"The other wide receivers on the team with me were Fred Biletnikoff, Eldridge Dickey and Rod Sherman who went to USC. 

Wells and Dickey were on one side, and Biletnikoff and Sherman were on the other side, he told me.

I told Wells, "I heard that Dickey was a quarterback."

He answered, "Yeah, a quarterback in college."

"Was Dickey a good wide receiver," I asked Wells.

He answered, "Yeah, he was good."

"I caught more passes in '69 and '70," Wells recalled.

"Concentration was my greatest quality," Wells said.

Wells was a v...

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