Wanted in Raider Nation: Jared Gaither

Another billboard should soon to be posted. Jared Gaither is a wanted man in Raider Nation. If you see him, bring him in.

Al Davis has already dramatically improved the Raiders but Gaither is the one player that can put us over the top. There are too many reasons why it makes sense.

The main reason is that we need a left tackle period. Mario Henderson had a horrible year after playing well in 2008.

However, we have two running backs and a quarterback that are poised to break out this coming season. We can't afford to wait and see what Henderson will become.

We have weapons now! Let's get someone who is ready to block for these talented backs and give the quarterback time to throw to our fleet of receivers now!

Also, the 6'9, 340 pound Gaither is of the ilk that Davis loves. He is a huge, physically imposing man that intimidates when getting off the bus. 

Beyond that, Gaither is a dominant run blocker. The past two years, he was the point of attack 300 times. He won his block 255 of those times or 85 percent of the time.

Last year, his point of attack rating was 89 percent. Only one of every 10 offensive lineman have a point of attack rating at 90 or over.

He is great in the passing game as well. In 27 games, he allowed a total of seven sacks. He was only considered beaten one-on-one in less than three seconds once.

Henderson gave up four-in-one game last year. So there's no doubt that Gaither is a huge upgrade. 

Some may think that we may have to give up too much for him. We don't have a first round pick next year so what pick could we possibly get that's better than Gaither.

I don't think there will be a first rounder better than Gaither. So if it's a second rounder, give it to them. The Raiders would be looking for a left tac...

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