Unthinkable? Oakland and the Draft: What is Al Going to Do?

Al Davis, when he wants to be a tactical genius, can be really, really good.

When he wants to be as mean as a junkyard dog, he can fit that personality as well.

It has been said that when you're a friend of Al Davis, he will go out of his way for you...and if you have an enemy in Al Davis, he will do everything in his power to remove you—from ignoring you in press conferences to trading you away.

With the Draft ahead and free agency over with (for the most part ), everyone can breathe a sigh of relief, right?

Don't count on it.

Al Davis has a track record of making some sort of splash come draft time. Be it ditching a team cancer like Randy Moss, or moving a bit player like Fabian Washington, Al Davis loves to deal.

Players like Ken Stabler, who verbally sparred with Davis at times, discovered no matter what they had done for the club, in a moment's notice you are no longer a Raider. Or, if you happen to be unlucky, as in the case of Marcus Allen, you find yourself in exile, unable to leave, but barely able to play, either.

So, how does this play into this year's draft?

Al was already rumored to be shopping players, with few exception. Asomugha, who would be a great pickup for any team, could still be on the line. A trade to ditch Bruce Gradkowski, both to reinforce Al's opinion that Russell is the QB of the future, might happen.

Or, Al Davis could sit tight with the No. 8 pick and play the wait-and-see card.

Right now, three names have been spiraling around the black hole, two are more obvious but the third, would be a stretch.

The first is Trent Williams, out of Oklahoma. As an Offensive Tackle, he would address a quick fix to a spot that has haunted the Raiders for the last couple seasons, and give the QB a chance to throw, rather than run like mad as blitzes happen.

Or, for that matter, the Raiders shouldn't false ...

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