Unofficial Campaign For New Raiders Slogan by True Raider Fans

Al Davis is responsible for some great slogans that will live forever. "Pride and Poise," "Commitment to Excellence," and "Just Win, Baby".

These slogans are actually registered Trademarks of the Raiders. Anyone who knows football knows these slogans belong to the Raiders.

We all know Al has saved a good one for our next Super Bowl Victory.

Some may consider these slogans corny or self-indulgent, but to me these words mean a lot. They also mean a lot to any true Raider.

Since joining this forum eight months ago, I know first-hand that most of the members are True to the Core Raider fans and I trust their input.

I thought it would be really great if we could put together some ideas for a new slogan. It would be awesome if the Raiders in-turn choose to ultimately use the slogan and Trademark it.

I will keep this article running by commenting on it. I can later add a poll to pick the best slogans.

Like other Raider slogans, the slogan should be classy, timeless and highly meaningful toward the goal of winning or succeeding.

So without further discussion, let the Campaign begin. 

Add your slogan by sending a comment.

You may want to preface the slogan with a description like this:

This pertains to both Young and Veteran Raiders and a trait they must exhibit at all times:   "Courage to Lead"

Some other ideas:
"Exhaust all Means"
"Rise for Supremacy"
"Fearless Dominance"

Lets Go Raider Fans!  Here's your chance to make history.

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