Tribute To the Mothers of the Oakland Raiders

Mother can stand for

M, mercy

O, optimism

T, trust

H, heart

E, extra and eternal love

R, respect and honor

I remember a mother, named Mrs. Julia who never gave up on her son.

When her son was young he was quiet and seemed shy. Her son would invite me to their warm and loving home, and then he would be too shy to sit by me, face to face in their living room.

When I met Mrs. Julia's son he asserted that he was going to be an outstanding football player. He was a very good football player although he started playing football in his junior and senior year in high school.

In college he was an outstanding player, and he went on to become one of the top Oakland Raiders in an earlier era of Raider history.

Mrs. Julia was not perfect. But who said you have to be perfect to be a mother.

One thing she did that was almost perfect was cooked up a pot of Louisiana gumbo that was delicious. The aroma of that gumbo would fill the home located in a clean and fragrant neighborhood in a small town in Texas.

Whenever you visited this former Oakland Raiders' mother's home, you felt the love and hospitality that folks from Texas and Louisiana know how to dish out.

You see, when you visit someone's mother in Texas or Lousiana, she insists on feeding you. You have to accept, otherwise it disappoints "Mama."

Mrs. Julia had several boys and one girl. Her son who became an Oakland Raider was the only one of her children who made the news and brought fame and a little fortune to the family.

Mrs. Julia's son is representative of so many young men who love their mothers. These men often win games for their mothers.

When these men get their bonuses, and contracts their mothers are on the top of the son's lists for showing love by giving money and provisions.

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