Tribute to George Blanda: His Name Was Called Many Times on Sept. 26

I have written several articles which mentioned the power and precise plays executed by George Blanda and Warren Wells, among others.

Yesterday, as I watched the Oakland Raiders in the last few seconds of the game with the Cardinals, I kept yelling at my son, telling him to not worry. I shouted over and over again that George Blanda and Warren Wells helped win a game in the last eight seconds.

Surely, I shouted the kicker can pull it off in this game. At the time, there were about 40 or so seconds remaining, and I was hoping that a field goal would put the Raiders in the lead.

On the television, I actually saw Sebastian Janikowski go over and say something to Tom Cable. I saw a nod that seemed like a "no."

Then a few seconds later, Janikowski was sent in the game. Again, I shouted, "Don't worry."

They can do it. They can win.

My heart was broken because for some strange reason, the man who usually kicks so precisely did not make the field goal during those last four seconds.

I nodded my head and thought, "Maybe next time."

Too many times I have written articles saying that a win would encourage some of the senior Oakland Raiders. I have wished for them to get it together so that a smile would come across those tired, lined faces of the senior Oakland Raiders.

Did George Blanda see the game on Sept. 26? Did he think, too, about the many times he kicked the football precisely to get a field goal during the last eight seconds. Did he remember Dec. 6, 1970 when the Oakland Raiders won the game in the last eight seconds. 

I wonder.

I salute George Blanda for making those historical games exciting and wonderful cliffhangers.

He is to be honored and remembered for his excellent career.

Millions have been inspired by the victories of which he had an important role as an Oakland Raider.

He wi...

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