Tracy Porter’s Deal with Oakland Raiders Is Possible Blunder by Reggie McKenzie

The Oakland Raiders have been busy in the 2013 NFL offseason.  Whether they have been losing players, signing players or trading draft picks and players, Reggie McKenzie and his front office have made a lot of moves so far in 2013.

The Raiders added to their list of free-agent acquisitions with the signing of cornerback Tracy Porter.  Porter has a history with coach Dennis Allen from when the two worked together in New Orleans, where they won a Super Bowl.

Porter addresses a serious need for the Raiders.  The Raiders' best CB prior to Porter signing with them was Phillip Adams.  Porter brings a much-needed veteran to the mix.

For 2013, the signing of Porter was a great step for the Raiders toward rebuilding their team.  He is still young and could be a part of the team for the future.

Or can he?

Porter's contract is only for one year.  So in 2014, the Raiders could lose Porter to a higher bidder.  Although the Raiders will have more cap space by then, unrestricted free agency is always tempting, especially if Porter has a bounce-back year.

The Raiders learned the hard way that a team can be burnt by a player when they sign him to a one-year contract and he has a breakout year (Philip Wheeler).  

Porter is a solid player when healthy, and if he proves to the NFL that he is still that solid player, he could be worth more on the open market than Wheeler was.

I can understand McKenzie being reluctant to give Porter a long-term contract because of the unexplained epileptic attack he had last year, but the one-year deal is too reminiscent of the lack of commitment made last year to Wheeler.

Will the Raiders lose another solid defensive player after this season?

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