Top 50 Oakland Raiders of All Time

The Oakland Raiders are known as the undisputed most hated franchise in league history.

Everyone hates a winner: period.

Ignorant NFL fans laugh at the franchise of the Oakland Raiders.  They look at the last few years and mock.

Fans that have seen the Raiders teams of the past wouldn't imagine mocking one of the most winning franchises in NFL history.

They're winners of three Super Bowl titles.  That number could be a lot higher too.

The Raiders don't practice the retirement of jerseys and for good reason: they may be starting to run low.

I've put together two other top 50 greatest players' lists: one for the Tennessee Titans and the other for the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Raiders were the easiest of the three by far.

A combined 20 Hall of Fame players, coaches and owners have worn black and silver.  There also multiple Raiders on this list who have been nominated and will eventually get in.

Of all the great players in Raiders history, here are the 50 greatest:

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