Top 10 Players Who Finished Their Careers as an Oakland Raider

Throughout their illustrious history, the Oakland Raiders made huge successes out of players other teams didn't want. It was their trademark. Whether they acquired those players through trades, or simply picked them up of the Pro Football waiver wire, it always seemed to work. Players who were almost at the end of their careers would come to Oakland and be great again for two or three more years. Thats one of the reasons I loved the Raiders from the day I first saw them play. Once a Raider, always a Raider as the saying goes. Many players who only spent a few years in the East Bay identify themselves more as a Raider player then they do with other franchises where they spent much of their career. The Raiders have always had a strong identity that way. Over the years there have been some great ones, and here is a list of the top ten. I have ranked them using various criteria. How well they played, and how long they played in Oakland, but also how those players fitted the Raider ethos and attitude. I think the Raiders recycled players better than any other franchise in the league. Begin Slideshow


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