Tom Cable’s Faces Hard Acts To Follow as Oakland Raiders Head Coach

It just makes sense to get a selective view of the history of the coaching careers of those men who coached the Oakland Raiders over the history of the franchise. This is a limited view, but still much can be learned from the study of the data for each coach.

Clearly, John Madden coached more games than any other Raider coach. A few good men are listed near him in rank, if we look at the number of games coached.

142 Madden 92 Shell 92 Gruden 88 Flores 88 White
Where does Cable rank in having the opportunity to coach the Raiders? His rank, 11th, is not at the bottom, and it accounts for the 28 games he has been able to coach.

Now, let's look at the win percentages of all of the sixteen coaches during the 50 year history of the Raiders. Art Shell is listed two times and so is Tom Flores. This is why the table has 18 entries rather than 16 which represents the number of distinct men who have had opportunity to coach the Raiders.


The list of actual win percentages is:

0.375 0.118 0.111 0.59 0.805 0.763 0.563 0.704 0.4 0.587 0.469 0.25 0.594 0.469 0.281 0.125 0.25 0.321
These percentages are rounded in the table.

Clearly the fifth and sixth coach have higher averages than the others. Who are these outstanding Oakland Raiders' coaches? Who else? John Rauch and John Madden.

Here is data for some very good years in the history of the Oakland Raiders:

Al Davis† 1963–1965 42 23 16 3 0.59     John Rauch 1966–1968 42 33 8 1 0.805     John Madden†* 1969–1978 142 103 32 7 0.763     Tom Flores 1979–1981 48 27 21 0 0.563 Oakland   Tom Flores[a] 1982–1987 88 76 32 0 0.704 Los Angeles
Once again we are taking a good look at the data and the history it ...

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