Tom Cable’s Big Secret

Shortly after the draft, Tom Cable spoke to reporters about just how well the draft went.

The attention suddenly turned to the run defense. Middle linebacker Rolando McClain and DT\DE Lamarr Houston were great picks and were sure to help turn around a horrible run defense.

Then Cable threw Raider Nation a curve ball. He told reporters that Houston, a defensive tackle last year at Texas, would be moved to defensive end.

The obvious question from there was, "What will the Raiders do about the defensive tackle position?" To that Cable said, "I have a secret weapon that everyone will like at defensive tackle."

That made everyone in Raider Nation, including myself, wonder who that "secret weapon" could be.

Anyone on the roster to me wouldn't be considered a secret. That would simply be a young guy stepping up. Draft picks aren't secrets either. Not only has the signing of John Henderson not happened, but big-time free agent signings are hardly a secret anyway.

I then saw the list of undrafted free agents and found my man: Kellen Heard is Cable's big, secret weapon. At 6'6", 355 lbs., Heard is a huge man with a mean streak. He is also very athletic for a big man.

This left me to figure out what a man with all these qualities is doing undrafted. After doing some snooping, I found that what caused Heard to be undrafted is also what makes him the perfect Raider: He is a renegade by two definitions.

Definition one of renegade is a deserter from one faith or cause to another.

Heard has demonstrated that since he was in high school. He committed to the University of Miami but ended up going to Texas A&M. After four years there, he got himself released from his scholarship and went to Memphis where he was moved to the offensive side of the ball. That surely had an impact on his draft status. 


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