Tom Cable, Raider Nation Appreciates Your Efforts, We Really Do

I wrote an article yesterday: An open letter to Al Davis that I knew wasn't going to reach him, but I put it out there.

In that article, I asked Al Davis to retain Tom Cable for another year, as he earned it by turning the corner and having Oakland finish .500 instead of with a losing record.

As I watched Arkansas and Ohio State and finished off a little debate with fellow Raider Nation member Michael Bowman, I found out Davis was NOT going to pick up the final year of Cable's contract and it felt like I was hit in the face with a brick.

No, I don't know Tom Cable personally; I know him as well as any other fan does, but what I do know is that Tom Cable took a bunch of guys (sorta like how Moose'ifer said) that resembled "Major League's" Cleveland Indians, a few superstars, one big dead weight and made us serious again.

8-8 may not be the best, it's not even close, but it's a lot better than 6-10, is it not? I think the problem with Oakland fans who weren't happy with Cable's effort is that they expect overnight success.

This is the NFL, we get it. We support our favorite teams and want championships but this isn't FedEx—overnight shipping isn't included in the package.

In order to be a champion, a team must be built and chemistry must be there. You can't go out and sign random free agents, no matter how good they are, and expect the team to win.

This isn't the NBA, where one good shooter can decide the game.

Football is a completely different sport; Al Davis didn't learn when he got burnt by Randy Moss, Javon Walker and DeAngelo Hall.

He has it stuck in his mind that we're just one or two big free-agents away from being good.


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