Tom Cable, Oakland Raiders’ Coach Compared To Other NFL Coaches, Using W-L %

Curiosity killed the cat. Looking at the win-loss percentage of several NFL coaches causes some to question effectiveness. Some perceptions are "killed" once the data is presented.

Glancing through the data, I decided to select the coaches with averages below .5 in the win-loss category. My reference was a Pro Football website.

Take a good look at these numbers:

Schwartz   0.226 Spagnuolo 0.258 Studesville 0.333 Cable   0.372 Morris   0.387 McDaniels 0.393 Mangini   0.418 Singletary 0.45 Haley   0.452 Kubiak   0.456 Gailey   0.468 Lewis   0.476 Turner   0.483 Carroll   0.494 Observation

1. Singletary is in the middle of the distribution, and from what I hear, he is fired. His percentage is 0.45.

2. There was growth in the record of Jim Schwartz with the Detroit Lions. His team ranked 31st in 2009, and moved up to rank 23, so far, in 2010.

3. Steve Spagnuolo can brag that his team, the St. Louis Rams, moved from a 1-15 win-loss record to a 7-8 win-loss record, to date. The Oakland Raiders have the same 7-8 win-loss record so far.

4. Tom Cable can celebrate that the win-loss record for the Oakland Raiders looks a lot better at 7-8 so far. Moving up from a 5-11 is a sign of some progress.

5. If the list of coaches whose percentage is less than .5 is ordered from smallest to largest, we observe that Tom Cable is above three other coaches.


1. If Singletary is fired and he has a percentage of 0.45, should coaches with percentages below .5 also be scrutinized or fired, too?

2. If the team loves a coach and is pleased with their coach, should the owner fire the coach anyway because his numbers are too low?


Well, there is a lot to consider and without a doubt, we all have something to ponder.

Go Raiders! M...

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