Tom Cable: Handed a Golden Opportunity and Living the Ultimate Dream

Tom Cable is the man who single handedly, reformed the Oakland Raiders by getting owner Al Davis to believe in a new system. A system that would bring the Raiders back into playoff contenders. A system that the players believed in. Tom Cable is a man with a the golden opportunity of going into the history books a winner.

Tom Cable has brought a new heartbeat into the Raidernation. In fact, when he was first put in charge with the release of Lane Kiffin there were many who assumed he would finish out the season and then fade into the Raiders long lost.

But then things began to change for the Oakland Raiders. To begin with was the wins. The Oakland Raiders had been slipping into darkness since the days of Jon Gruden. Tom Cable took out the Grudeneers and this won the hearts of many Raider fans.

Tom Cable however has had a lot of opportunity as the Head Coach in Oakland. In fact, his benching J. Russell and allowing a young Gradkowski to prove himself was a great step for the Raider franchise. The organization and its fans saw that there was still fire in Oakland. Gradkowski showed that with Cable coaching, there would be wins. It wasn't Cable's coaching that was hurting the team, it was J. Russell's heart because he simply didn't have one. (Tinman from Oz? )

Tom Cable now has the great opportunity of bringing in "his" team into the 2010 season. This new Oakland Raiders roster simply looks amazing. The QB controversy no longer exists. The WRs look confident and determined and at the same time are probably the fastest in the NFL.

The Oakland Raider defense has not only improved, it is a huge beast. It is filled with both veterans like Richard Seymour and rookies like Rolando McClain that will compliment each other this season. Tom Cable is the head coach of an NFL beast and if he can get this thing into the playoffs I can see him staying a Raider head coach until ..well the passing of Al Davis.

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