Tom Cable: From “The Cable Guy” To a Repair Man

Tom Cable ("The Cable Guy") was appointed as head coach of the Oakland Raiders during the 2008 season.  In that season, he had early struggles but ended the season with three wins in the last six games. 

In 2009, he kept the head coaching job as well as the offensive play-calling duties.  During the season, he was criticized for his basic offense.  He became Tom "Basic" Cable. 

Now, the Raiders offense is showing life.  With Jason Campbell, Michael Bush, Louis Murphy and Zach Miller, the Raiders have a respectable offense capable of striking.

But when Cable sees something wrong, when asked by media after practice what he thinks, he says, "We can fix it."

When asked about the offense after the Cowboys game:  "A lot of those things we can fix." 

When asked about the Matt Forte's 89-yard TD run:  "Just missed our gaps, we can fix it."

It seems like Tom Cable is a doll with a string on his back and when it is pulled he says "We can fix it."  It has become his catch phrase, like when he preached "1-0" when he got the head coaching job.

Hopefully Cable knows what he's talking about here.  The Raiders look like a playoff contender on paper but have had problems on the field.  If Cable is right about being able to "fix it" then the Raiders will be very good.

If the Raiders reach the playoffs, or even 8-8, I will no longer refer to Tom Cable as "The Cable Guy".  He will be promoted to repair man with his new slogan... "We can fix it."


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